Altar Guild

Altar Guild is made up of three different ministries for the church; Flowers, Linen, and Cleaners. Eilene Curtiss serves as President, (503—668-4503) and mails out the work schedules. We have a Christmas Bazaar and host a Mother/Daughter Tea and Fashion Show in April or May. Hopefully, we all get together once a year for a Thank You Brunch and also then give out the man of the years service award. If you would like to sever the church in any of these ministries Eilene would gylad1 welcome your call! Her cell # is 503—780-2497

I. Altar Guild Flowers The Altar Guild Flowers group is the smallest with four ladies. These ladies take the same weekend each month for the year. They arrange all the church’s flower arrangements with flowers from their yards or buys them. Eilene usually has flowers at her home to use.

II. Altar Guild Linen The Altar Guild Linen group is made up of 7 ladies who wash and iron all the Church Linen. They pick up the linen one weekend and return is the following weekend. This is a two weeks assignment, which occurs twice or three times a year.

III. Altar Guild Cleaners The Altar Guild Cleaners is our largest group with 20 ladies (some husbands also help their wives). Once a year two ladies take one month. Each weekend they clean up pews, polish brass, fill novice 85 altar candles with oil, replace linen if needed, etc. They ready the church for weekend Masses. This job can be done between Friday to Saturday afternoon and takes about a hour.

Saint Michael Church’s 2016—2017 Cleaning Schedule