The Christian funeral is a liturgical celebration of the Church. The ministry of the Church in this instance aims at expressing efficacious communion with the deceased, at the participation in that communion of the community gathered for the funeral, and at the proclamation of eternal life to the community. (CCC)

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Funeral Information

The death of your loved one embraces opportunities for farewells and goodbyes to a family member who also belongs to the family of St. Michael Parish. These church rituals enhance and enable grieving people to say good-bye to a friend.

Funeral Mass


The FUNERAL MASS is on the day of burial. The scriptures are proclaimed and the Eucharist is celebrated.


The PALL is a large white cloth symbolic of baptism, which is placed on the casket in the vestibule of the church just before Mass. Several family members may assist in placing the pall on the casket in this gesture of tenderness. The funeral directors may do this, if you choose.

SCRIPTURE for Mass may be chosen by the family from the workbook or the priest himself will choose the readings:

  1. Choose two readings: one from the Old Testament and one from the New Testament.
  2. The Scriptures you have selected will generally be read at the ceremonies by family members or members of the funeral ministry of the parish.

The BREAD and WINE used for Mass may be taken to the altar during the Mass by two members of the family and given to the priest. The priest will explain the procedure to you the day of the funeral.

It is sometimes appropriate to have communion under both forms of bread and wine. If you choose to use wine, ministers can be chosen from the family if there are family members who are extraordinary Eucharistic ministers in their own parishes.


Is there a charge for a funeral at St. Michael’s?

There is no charge for a funeral; it is a service to the family and a day on which the parish is thankful for the presence of the deceased at St. Michael’s for many years. An offering to the church is often given by the family; a customary offering is $200 for the use of the church and other facilities. This offering is spread back, then, through many of the ministries of St. Michael. The honorarium can also be arranged through the mortuary or the family can write a check directly to the parish.

If the family wants to give something to the priest-celebrant as an expression of gratitude for having celebrated the funeral, the family can give it directly to the priest under his name before or after the funeral. $100 is a customary stipend. The priest’s stipend is not arranged through the mortuary.

St. Michael Parish Music for Funeral

An organist and cantor are needed for the funeral vigil and Mass. An appropriate gift for them would be $150 for the pianist, $125 for the organist, and $125 for the cantor. The stipend can also be arranged through the mortuary.

Scripture Readings